Audit teaser
All about audit

Who is this resource for?This resource is mainly designed for general practitioners wishing to undertake clinical audit. It is suitable…

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Engaging and influencing teaser
Engaging and influencing skills

This education module brings together presentations from a number of the facilitators from the 3D programme (Developing Doctors to Deliver).…

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Enhanced Appraiser skills
Enhanced appraiser skills

This training resource has been compiled to help medical appraisers reflect on their current skills, as a reference to best…

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Significant events teaser
Significant events in quality improvement

This module has been created as a collaborative work between the Wales Deanery Revalidation Support Unit, the ATTRACT service and...

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Female doctor looking reflective
Reflective practice

When we stop to look in the mirror one morning – No really look – and by this I mean…

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Return to work teaser v2
Return to work

The industries of Great Britain have a long association with health and safety legislation which spans over 150 years1. The…

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Bill 1 v3
When Bill was ill

A patient’s smooth journey through healthcare is often interrupted by system issues. These exercises can help your team identify any…

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Introduction to Coaching


Launch Introduction to coaching in Medical Appraisal module 

This e-module has been designed as a resource for professional development for Appraisers…

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Appraisal, Revalidation & MARS

Medical appraisal in Wales is designed to be supportive & developmental, it should acknowledge past development whilst framing plans for progress. Revalidation has medical appraisal firmly at the centre of information gathering

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Yellow Card Scheme

All medicines can cause unwanted side effects in some patients. Many of these will cause little harm. However, some of these adverse drug reactions (ADRs) will be associated with significant morbidity or even mortality.

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Safeguarding children
Safeguarding Children: Achieving the required level of competence

Keeping children and young people safe is something that all adults need to be mindful of, and everyone should be…

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Mental Health during COVID-19

This module has been written for GPs to advise on how to manage people with mental health conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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pebbles on a lake
Returning to Appraisal

A guide for Appraisees and Appraisers 


In March 2020 the Chief Medical Officer recommended the temporary suspension of the medical appraisal…

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Man sat in front of computer
Virtual Appraisal Guidance

Welcome to our guidance resource for Appraisers undertaking virtual appraisals.

The coronavirus pandemic changed the way in which doctors interact with…

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