Enhanced appraiser skills

Module created July 2016

This training resource has been compiled to help medical appraisers reflect on their current skills, as a reference to best practice and to encourage development in the role where needed. It is not intended for initial appraisal training, indeed some of the material included would not be appropriate for new appraisers.

The resource is modular and individuals may take from it what they please, the self-assessment may help guide you as to the areas you wish to work on. The self-assessment is split in to five sections and will take anywhere between 1-2 hours to complete fully. You can complete part and save and return later.

This resource has been compiled by the Revalidation Support Unit, Wales Deanery.


It is suggested that you complete this self-assessment to identify developmental areas. Once complete you can save it as a file or print it off to keep as a record and reflect on developmental achievements. The RSU has access to your anonymous answers and may use aggregate anonymous data for learning needs, research and evaluation purposes. You will note you are not asked to identify yourself.