Recorded Webinars

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CPD On Demand offers you the flexibility to watch all our live CPD events, whenever and wherever you want!

All resources are designed with GPs in mind, but they are suitable for other healthcare professionals.

Question and Answer session: Antibiotic Prescribing - October 2020


HIV Update Webinar - November 2020


Contraception Webinar - November 2020


Peri and Post Menopausal Bleeding Webinar - April 2021



STI Webinar - December 2020 - To receive a link to this Webinar please email


HRT and the Menopause Webinar - February 2021


Testosterone Webinar - November 2021


Genitourinary Problems of the Menopause Webinar - March 2021 To receive a link to this Webinar please email


Movement Disorders Webinar - March 2021


Liver Function Test Webinar - May 2021


DNACPR and Future Care planning Webinar - May 2021

Respiratory Life after COVID Webinar September 2021 


Dermoscopy Webinar - September 2021


Understanding and Managing Skin Lesions in Primary Care - June 2021






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