Significant events in quality improvement

Module created March 2019

This module has been created as a collaborative work between the Wales Deanery Revalidation Support Unit, the ATTRACT service and the Primary Care Quality and Information Service (PCQIS).

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Thanks to Sajan Miah Wales Deanery (filming and web design), Drs. Matt Stephens, Nimish Shah and Nicola Flower (acting), Eleri Tyler and Lynne Hockey ATTRACT service (content and acting), Debbie Davies PCQIS (content and acting) and Dr. Chris Price Wales Deanery (content and directing)

Who may benefit from this module?

The module is designed for primary care but the processes described can be applied across all aspects of healthcare.

How to use this module

This module is best used in sequence. It illustrates the process of Significant Event Analysis (SEA) leading to change, utilising audit. One section deals with searching for evidence and may be utilised on its own. The module will take about an hour to complete and contains links that lead to other learning tools.

Please read our resource on Patient and Colleague Feedback.

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