Module 4: Presentation skills

Are you a confident presenter or does the idea fill you with dread? Do other people think you are good at it? This module will give you practical tips and advice to maintain and improve your skills.

You may wish to use this interactive worksheet.

What are your strengths as a presenter? Can you identify areas for improvement?


What factors do you most commonly take in to account when you consider your audience?


Watch this presentation

What do you think of Steve Jobs engagement with the audience?


Thinking of common venues you use, are there any modifications you need to make to your style to be more effective?


What could you add to your usual preparation that would help?


Which presentation aids are you most comfortable with? Could you vary your approach – could you mix aids?


Watch this Hans Rosling presentation


Reflect on your timing, are you someone who always overruns or do you find you finish too early? If so what techniques can you employ to correct the issue?


Watch this Jamie Oliver TED talk   

How did that make you feel? Are there things you would adopt or avoid?


Now watch these videos Early Margaret Thatcher and Later Margaret Thatcher.


What tricks do you use to keep within your comfort zone? Do you need to utilise other suggestions?


Now watch this George Bush clip


What did you learn? What will you change?



To provide feedback on this module, please follow this link, you will be a taken to a short questionnaire which will take 5 minutes to complete.


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