Module 3: Making an effective business case

Have you ever had an idea – only to be asked to formulate a business case? This section will explain what a business case is, their purpose and give tips on how to formulate one.

You may wish to use this worksheet along with the videos below.  

 Have you ever been asked to formulate a business case – if so how did you feel?

 If not, would it be a barrier to you progressing an idea?


 What would you put in an outline business case for you idea (if you have one)?


 How would you summarise your idea for an outline business case?


 What criteria would you use for an options appraisal of your idea? How would you weight them?


 What risks does your idea pose? Using the scoring system suggested try and quantify them


 How could you make your business case interesting?


What have you learned? What changes will you make?



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