Module 2: Running better meetings

Do you feel you attend too many meetings? Are those meetings often ineffectual, overly long and tedious. This section examines the issues and suggests remedies.

You can use this reflective worksheet as you watch the videos below.

What do you think about meetings? Are meetings you attend effective? – if so why and if not why not?


Do you recognise the attributes described in “bad” meetings? If so what could YOU do to change things for the better?


Can you think of any meetings that happen for the sake of meeting? Are your agenda items specific? Do you need to change?


Take a few moments to reflect on the last meeting you attended that overran or business items were not finished – why did this occur?


Can you imagine running meetings like this? What would the obstacles to change be? Are there any drawbacks to this approach?


List what you intend to do differently as chair of your next meeting


What have you learned? What will you change?



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