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Most military veterans are discharged from service fit and well and will assimilate well into the civilian community. There is a small but significant group who will have complex problems that may have physical, psychological and social ramifications. Veterans may choose not to access primary care services and may mask psychological symptoms. They are entitled to priority treatment on the NHS and those who have serious injuries should have a care package in place on discharge.

Psychological symptoms can be complex with multiple co-morbidities. The Veterans' NHS Service can offer local assessments and co-ordination of care.



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We help blind ex-Service men and women lead independent and fulfilling lives by supporting them with our expertise, experience and full range of services.We give veterans much-needed support to adjust to sight loss, overcome the challenges of blindness and enjoy daily life. Our charity has been offering physical and emotional support to vision impaired members of our military since 1915. 
BLESMA (British Limbless Ex Service Men's Association) is the national charity for limbless serving and ex service men and women and their dependants and widows.It is the charity that directly supports all our service men and women who lose limbs, the use of limbs or eyes or the sight of an eye in the service of our country and we are with them all whenever we are needed for the rest of their lives. 
Combat Stress delivers dedicated treatment and support to ex-Service men and women with conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety disorders.  Our services are free of charge to the Veteran. 
The Reserves Mental Health Programme, run in partnership with the NHS, is open to all current or former members of the UK Volunteer and Regular Reserves who have been demobilised since 1 January 2003, following operational deployment overseas as a reservist and who believe that their deployment may have affected their mental health.

The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) is the Ministry of Defence working with Right Management. Service leavers of all ranks from the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines can all benefit from resettlement support, career transition advice and training opportunities. 


Veterans' NHS Wales. The prime aim of the service is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of veterans in Wales with a service related injury.


What is Veterans - UK is the name of the website for the Serving Personnel and Veterans Agency. On 2 April 2007, the Ministry of Defence created a new brand for services to veterans – Veterans-UK.

There are many organisations that provide help and support to UK veterans, from Government, Local Authorities, independent bodies and the charity sector.  

Whilst it is commendable that so many organisations offer help to ex-Service personnel and their families, the number of organisations can mean it is sometimes difficult to know who to contact for advice on a particular topic.  Veterans-UK is now the first stop for veterans. 

The Royal British Legion is the UK's leading Service charity. We provide practical care, advice and support to serving members of the Armed Forces, veterans of all ages and their families. 
Welcome to Changing Faces. We’re a charity for people and families whose lives are affected by conditions, marks or scars that alter their appearance. 
We're the UK's oldest Armed Forces charity. We provide practical help and assistance to anyone who is currently serving or has ever served, even if it was only for a single day. We’re here for them and their families wherever they are. 
Military veterans, especially ones who served in the U.S. Navy, were unnecessarily exposed to asbestos during their service, placing them at risk for developing pleural mesothelioma. Learn more about how veterans were exposed and benefits that can help today.
RCGP provides a free Veterans Health course which can be found here.


Free for all UK Serving Personnel, Veterans and Family members.

Got to to join our supportive and anonymous community today.

Available 24/7

Walking With The Wounded supports a pathway for vulnerable veterans to re-integrate back into society and sustain their independence. At the heart of this journey is employment.

Business Cost Saver

Business Cost Saver is a financial guide written for veterans




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