References and resources

This module has been written using only published evidence. The user may wish to delve further into this difficult topic – a word of caution – there are many non-evidence based resources that are, at first glance, authoritative.

An excellent article on fibromyalgia – you will need access the JAMA site and search on CLINICAL CROSSROADS - Fibromyalgia: A Clinical Review (Daniel J. Clauw) [MD1 JAMA. 2014;311(15):1547-1555. doi:10.1001/jama.2014.3266.]

Research article discussing the association of other symptoms in the development of chronic pain - Predictors of New-Onset Widespread Pain in Older Adults: Results From a Population-Based Prospective Cohort Study in the UK  (John McBeth, Rosie J. Lacey and Ross Wilkie Arthritis & Rheumatology) Volume 66, Issue 3, pages 757–767, March 2014

Further Information & Support Groups

For links to further information and contacts, please visit 

The site offers online and PEER (one to one) support to patients and carers affected by Fibromyalgia in Wales. Please contact Carol Ross on the following for more information:


Tel: 07845 007304 (mobile support line).

Support group information can be found on the above website, but if you require further information about other support groups in Wales please contact the FMUK Co-Ordinator Yvonne Singleton on 0844 8872514.